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About Dr. Behrooz Tamjidi

Dr Tamjidi the founder of Parliament Animal Hospital, is an enthusiastic veterinarian and takes pride in what he does. He graduated in 1994 excited and with a passion to help animals. He started working in research industry over 20 years ago, gaining experience with all animal species until beginning to focus on dogs and cats. After successfully owning his own clinic in North York for over 8 years, he was eager to expand his business to serve new animal friends in Toronto’s downtown historic Cabbagetown.

Great Vet!

With understanding and compassion, Dr. Tamjidi does his best to acknowledge and serve the needs and wants of all furry companions. His love for animals is shown in a way that inspires us all to want to learn more, and knowing that he can help owners as well is gratification. Outside of work, Dr. Tamjidi enjoys spending time with his family, his Cockatiel Melody and the family Shih Tzu/Beagle, Leo.

About Dr. Asadollah Kariman

Dr. Asadollah Kariman was born and raised in a family where animals were around. He developed a passion for the care of animals and decided to pursue his education to become a veterinarian. After graduation in 1987, he worked two years as general practitioner then he started a residency program in surgery and became a board-certified veterinary surgeon. He continued his work as a professor teaching the veterinary students in the University of Tehran Teaching Hospital.

He spent a one-year sabbatical study leave in the University of Edinburgh Scotland Veterinary Teaching Hospital doing research on different anesthetic drugs and their effects on cardiopulmonary parameters in dogs. After immigrating to Canada in 2010 he became a licensed veterinarian. He moved to the United States and worked at Animal Care Hospitals for three years. He then moved back to Toronto to rejoin his family and started his work in TNAH. While he is not working he enjoys the nature, traveling to different parts of the world and seeing other cultures.

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